Know your brain patterns

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As a brain based chiropractor who seeks to help improve health and quality of life, knowing a persons brain pattern is an essential part.

With four general patterns, over-aroused, under-aroused, unstable (swings between both over and under aroused) and exhausted, these help determine, frequency and intensity of the adjustment visits and the length of time this should occur for, to bring about brain pattern changes that express optimal health and well-being for that individual.

A person who’s brain pattern is over-aroused is in an over stimulated state. Adding another big stimulation with more intense adjustments to frequently will only serve to further enforce the over-aroused brain pattern rather than shifting it back towards a balanced brain state.

Yet the under-aroused brain pattern is a person who is sleep walking through their day and will require the bigger stimulus more often to wake up the day dreaming brain and rest an optimal balanced brain pattern.

Screenshot 2024-05-08 at 5.55.06 pmJust from these two patterns alone you can see that applying the inappropriate intensity and or frequency doesn’t allow for an optimal result in an optimal time.
Knowing what brain pattern has been wired in through a persons life ups and downs, their repeated lifestyle habits good and bad, their mental , emotional, chemical and physical stressors they have faced; for me is the best way to individualise the right approach for their situation and ultimately for their quickest recovery in the short term and for their greatest expression of health and  quality of life in the long term.

Is it time you knew  your brain pattern?

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