1 thing!


What if improving your health, changing the outcome of your life required you to just start by adding, subtracting or modifying 1 thing! Could you do it, sustain it long enough, repeat it often enough, work through the ups and downs as your body adapts to see it materialise and express in your life?

It could be as simple as adding a 10min walk first thing in the morning, setting a consistent bedtime each night, minimising artificial light after dark, wearing red lenses glasses while viewing screens, having sunshine before screen time, laying on the posture pole and meditating for 10min each day or choosing a weekly chiropractic adjustment. These are just but a few ideas, you yourself may come up with that 1 thing you can start with that is right for you.

IMG_5951Choosing that 1 thing and repeating it, until it becomes a unconscious habit, will change the direction of your life. A small 1 degree change in course over time will allow you to arrive at a new and different destination down the road. Even adding an extra 1% effort into improving they way you view things that happen in your life, turning a potential negative into a positive build resilience and allows your brain to re-wire. On that back of this, improvement in the way your body functions and feels will occur.

In the end, small changes repeated over time builds different outcomes. If your health, your life, your situation is not where you desire it to be start by introducing 1 change that you can repeat and will move you in a better direction. Then have patience for the results to come.

You are what you repeat and changing for the better can be as simple as that 1 thing you choose, embrace and repeat. Then with time the fruits of that 1 thing will manifest.

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