Brain Mode : Survive or Thrive

SRE Ideals - without border

What coordinates every function of your body? The brain

How does it communicate this coordination to the body? The nervous system.

Your brain and nervous system are vital for you to express health, wellness and an optimal quality of life.

An integral part of the brain and nervous system is the Autonomic nervous system or ANS. It coordinates many involuntary functions of the body like heart rate, blood pressure, digestion and hormones, to just name a few. The ANS essentially has two halves, one to help you thrive and the other to help you survive, and it is and on or off system.

In thrive mode, you are at rest, relaxation addable to repair and regenerate cells, tissues and organs. When in survive mode all energy is directed into fighting or fleeing danger. No repair or  regeneration is occurring. This is ok if it is short lived for 5-45min but if it is prolonged all day and then day after day the body’s tissues, organs and cells are not being maintained, repaired or regenerated.

SRE Ideals - without borderA way to measure the ANS is via Heart rate variability (HRV). This is a measure of the time variation between heart beats linked to natural changes with breathing. The more variation indicates the thrive mode is active. The more rigid or less/no variation means survival mode is on.

HRV is a vital part of knowing how lifestyle stressors have impacted brain and nervous system function. It is part of the stress response evaluation  (SRE) I like to use with my practice members. Knowing what brain and ANS mode is occurring, survival or thriving is important as it can help me know why a pain, symptom, condition, illness is occurring and the best recommendations to give to promote restoration of greater healing, health and wellness.

If you would like to know your brain and ANS mode, them maybe it is time for us to run an SRE on you.

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