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April 7, 2021

Who Heals

When symptoms arise in your body, what do you do? Do you run off to numb the symptoms with medication and just hope for the best or do you remove the cause and let your innate ability to heal go to work? For a person to do the latter, there must be an understanding that the body was created with this inborn ability to heal when damaged and maintain function when all is working well. Chiropractic for nearly 130yrs now has set out to remove the cause…interference to nerve impulse. Thus allowing 100% communication from brain to body […]
March 30, 2021

Don’t Burden Your Body

I am regularly talking about that the body needs no help to thrive, just no interference. But what can create this interference within the nervous system? Answer: toxicity or deficiency; physically, chemically and emotionally. Physical toxicity could be created by repeated poor posture, over exercising or exercising incorrectly. A lack of movement could be an example of physical deficiency required for optimal function and health. Chemically it could some from repeatedly consuming the wrong foods or foods that are grown with lots of insecticides and in poor soils creating a toxic burden within the body but also leading […]
March 24, 2021

Feeling v’s Function

Pain is always bad, right? You only have health issues when there are symptoms, correct? What if you you have eaten something that is off and you begin to feel nauseous, start to sweat and run a fever, even your joints begin to ache. Then it progresses to you vomiting and having diarrhoea for the next few hours. This means you are unwell doesn’t it? As you have pains and symptoms. Once it would have been said that you feel sick but you are functioning appropriately. The vomiting and diarrhoea is eliminating something that has the potential to […]
March 17, 2021
Healing Zone

Healing Zone

Just like nature needs no help to thrive, just no interference, the body’s ability to heal also needs no help, just no interference; especially from a nervous system that is being driven into the fight or flight, stress zone too often and for too long. The healing zone of the nervous system is known as the parasympathetic part of the autonomic nervous system and within it resides the ability to rest, digest, relax and heal plus our ability to grow, learn and develop. Prioritising activities and time that supports your nervous system to spend more time in this healing […]

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