Breaking the brains addiction to stress


You won’t get better doing the same lifestyle habits that got you sick!

To recover a brain that has been patterned over many years to be addicted to stress, will require you doing life different and being consistent, persistent and patient with those changes long enough for it to happen.

The brain is a neuroplastic organ that coordinates all functions of the body and directs the quality of your life. The neuroplastic nature means it re-wires the circuits within the brain to what you repeat within your lifestyle.

Sleep-photo-for-time-change-tinySo introducing healthy positive lifestyle choices and repeating them is how to break the brains addiction to stress.

But where would you start?
Firstly I would recommend measuring how your brain and nervous systems  is functioning under stress and its ability to recover once stress has past, then introducing regular brain based chiropractic care. Research has shown the power of the chiropractic adjustment to impact a stressed brain for several days after it is received. Then follow that up with post adjustment brain therapies and home care to continue to enhance the brain and nervous system relaxation and healing response verse the stress response.

Secondly I would encourage developing healthy sleep habits. This may require you to introduce an evening routine that allows the brain to wind down after the stress and busyness of the day.

The next big area that can support breaking the brains addiction to stress is pursuing a healthy circadian rhythm. This may require for many, a more natural approach to your day and night> More sunlight throughout the day then less artificial light after dark.

So it is possible to break the brains addiction to stress but it will require you to create change within your lifestyle and be consistent, persistent and patient while the brain rewires.

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