The Body Electric


Are you aware of the electric nature of your body? The role and importance of the electrical signals generated and sent both ways between the brain and the body?

These nerve impulses get converted into chemical signals that regulate and alter functions in muscles, organs and glands of the body and even within the cells. One of these organelles in the cell are the mitochondria. They are like a battery producing and releasing energy for the cells, tissues and organs to do there functions.

Now Einstein told us that “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another”.

stress-responseWithin the body this means that energy that is used for bodily functions, repair from daily wear and tear and the maintenance of health can be diverted when stressful situations occur. The energy used for healthy function gets shifted to survival functions. The survival state is a short term high energy state to get out of harms way. But what if the stress occurs day after day for prolonged periods of time? The energy used for supporting optimal health function isn’t present. It’s tied up in survival strategies that will eventually lead to symptoms, illness or even disease processes.

Choosing something like regular brain based chiropractic care has been shown to help a person balance the brain and nervous system patterns created under the survival state back to a more optimal healing, growth and repair state. With the energy restored towards maintaining function verses fleeing from danger, the body can once again do what is innate to it, express health.

Your body is electric. Balancing the energy of the body with the support of brain based chiropractic can allow the body’s innate health and healing nature to express a greater quality of life.

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