Health Tips

June 30, 2020

Quality v Quantity

Much of our modern health care system is set up to help prolong your life and numb your symptoms. If you had to choose one, would you choose to have more quality or quantity of life? Over the past 50yrs we have seen life expectancy grow and now we are seeing more people reach 100yrs of age then ever before (quantity) but have these extended years been of quality though? In the USA, people over 60 take on average 9 medications and these medications are often trying to address issues created by earlier lifestyle choices. It is not […]
June 24, 2020

Your Choices = Your Health

In some reading this week I came across this statement….your health is a matter of your choices, one of those choices should be chiropractic. My question to you is, do you see chiropractic as part of your healthy lifestyle choices? Or do you see it as a treatment for when you are in pain or have a problem that is not resolving itself after trying everything else? Often how we use a treatment exposes the perspective we have of it and perhaps the knowledge we have built up on it over our experiences. If you think that chiropractic […]
June 17, 2020

Your Most Valuable Asset

I have always believed that my health is one of my most valuable assets. Due to this I choose certain lifestyle habits to help maintain it. For many people though, their health is something that they take for granted and why not?  It has always been there for them in the past, so why wouldn’t it be there for them in the future? This belief I think also fosters their certain lifestyle choices that may be harmful to their health. It can also promote an attitude that getting is is just bad luck or that they are the […]
June 10, 2020

Nature Needs No Help, Just No Interference

                                      “Nature needs no help, just no interference”                                                                                                                       BJ Palmer A key tenant of chiropractic is that the brain and body […]

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