Don’t over-ride the power of the adjustment


Is your lifestyle over-riding the power of your chiropractic adjustment?

As a young chiropractor I had a mentor tell me that he used to say to his patients after he gave them their adjustment “That is the right adjustment for you today, now don’t go out there and mess up my good work!”

Although I found this a little harsh, the deeper truth is that poor lifestyle choices will negatively impact the power of the adjustment.

The chiropractic adjustment has been shown in research to impact the function of the brain. The brain’s perception of your life influences what it communicates to the body and how the body will function.

If your lifestyle stressors, the things you repeat physically, chemically, mentally and emotionally are triggering your brain and nervous system to activate the survival, fight or flight response, the body will react as if it is under threat and danger and the natural maintenance and repair of the daily wear and tear at a cellular level does not occur.

Research has also shown that for 20 minutes after the chiropractic adjustment the brain is in a more open state for change and adopting new patterns. So what you do and repeat immediately after your adjustment can advance or hinder your brains ability to heal you quickly.

mq1This is why we often recommend many of our practice members, after their adjustment, either take a short relaxing walk, lay on the posture pole, use vagus nerve stimulation therapy or brain wave entrainment before they step back into their cars and fight the stress of Sydney traffic.

Simply put what you repeat after your chiropractic adjustment can help you achieve your health outcome quicker.

Beyond the 20 minute post adjustment window it is still important to look at and change the lifestyle choices that ultimately led you to the crisis in the first place. You are what you repeat and you cannot heal in the same environment that made you sick. Change must occur both with the adjustment and consciously by you through your lifestyle choices.

Combining regular chiropractic care, post adjustment therapy and lifestyle improvements will lead to quicker and greater quality of life changes, then you ca enjoy the freedom that come with great health.

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