Think Brain First


For greater health and ability to heal, think brain first!

The brain is the master coordinating system of your body and mind. Its role is to coordinate every part of you and every function you do.

With the brain being the master coordinator of you and your health, then why do people get unwell and sick? Stress is the answer. Stress that goes beyond the brains ability to adapt firstly impacts how the brain functions, it goes into an emergency, survival mode. If this mode persists longer term then it alters its structure. Stress re-wires the brain!

MIT-Noninvasive-OlivaresFor many people they are not aware of when their brain activates the stress response to their lifestyle. This often continues day after day as they are unaware that their lifestyle choices, job, busy home life etc continues to trigger the stress response until eventually symptoms show up. This is a reminder that symptoms are the downstream effect of an upstream (brain) response to the busyness of the modern lifestyle and its associated stressors.

This is why I use the brain based model of chiropractic. Chiropractic has always worked, regardless of the explanation used, but research over the last decade has pointed towards the chiropractics adjusts impact on brain function. This research shows how it restores its ability to coordinate the body’s inherent ability to heal and thrive.

Viewing your health via a brain first model and choosing lifestyles habits and chiropractic care directed towards optimising brain function will allow this innate health to thrive and the quality of life that comes with that.

Is it time you took a new look at brain based chiropractic?

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