Rest , Relax , Release


Over stimulation of our sensors (sight, sound, smell, taste and touch) within our modern lives leads to a stressed brain. Being deliberate about taking time to rest is an important part of lowering the sensory over stimulation into the brain and giving it time to recover.

As part of the brain based chiropractic approach to resorting peoples optimal brain function I recommend laying on the posture pole twice daily for 10-15min each time. Firstly this creates space for rest so you can begin the relaxation process which requires time. Secondly the extension posture lowers the fight or flight input into the brain further engaging the relaxation process. If you then close your eyes and lay in quiet, you tone down the other sensory inputs into the brain. More rest and relaxation that you can get to occur, the quicker your natural healing can repair all aspects of you.

While laying quietly in rest and allowing yourself to relax you may find that you mentally need to release or let go of pockets of tension you are holding within your body. It may even go beyond physical tension and you may take this opportunity in this rest and relaxation moment to let go and release mental and emotional tension. Negative feelings or thoughts about yourself, others or your current situation.

images-4Learning to fully surrender in this time of rest and relaxation allows the thriving side of the brain and nervous system to work as intended, maximising your potential and the speed of healing and transformation.

Busyness and over stimulation causes the brain to move into the emergency defensive survival state, robbing your body of its natural ability to heal, repair and grow for your optimal future self.

Learning to build in specific times within your day and week to stop, rest and relax is  a necessary part of you being able to release the impacts of stress on you and then restore your innate ability to thrive.

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