Quantity and Quality of Life


You are what you repeat because your brain wires to what you repeat.

This should have you looking into the thoughts and emotions you repeat, the activities (or lack there of) you repeat, the postures you repeat, the time you repeat on technology (phones, game consoles, computers and TV), the foods you eat and pharmaceuticals you repeatedly take, the make ups, lotions and sunscreens you repeatedly apply to your skin and the light environment you repeatedly subject yourself too.

You may repeat something that is healthy but if repeated to often it could go from beneficial to harmful. An example of this could be exercise, which is beneficial to the brain and body but over exercise could be harmful, another example of this could be time in the sun, too little or too much can be harmful, one not allowing your body to build enough vitamin D for good health but the other being to much exposure to UV radiation altering skin cell function, the result of which is sunburn.

WEB_SunriseThe brain likes to be stimulated in new and novel ways, in fact it requires it but for the brain to consolidate this new information or experience it requires rest, most often sleep. This means there is such a thing as to much of a good thing. You cannot keep pushing more new information into the brain without it needing to take a break, consolidate and recover.

Repetition without the appropriate breaks will push the brain into survival mode and rewire towards this over stressed and stimulated state. The survival state is not sustainable as it is a high energy, emergency state and eventually dysfunction, symptoms, illness and or disease could result.

Optimal brain function to sustain optimal quality and quantity of life requires balance in what you repeat. Repetition that promotes the mind and body’s ability to thrive must not break natures laws. The amazing thing about nature is that it needs no help to thrive, just no interference. You, your brain and body are the same. A brain that has been rewired towards survival patterns is the interference that prevents you from thriving, mentally and physically.

The habits you repeat are the key to the quality and quantity of your life. Choose them wisely.

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