Weekly Wellness

June 19, 2024
The Secret Key move into human head wirh brain inside. Illustration about Secret of Mindset and Attitude.

Unlimited potential

Would you be interested in unlocking your unlimited potential? Chiropractic can be for more than just neck and back pains! Using a brain based model of chiropractic ┬ácare, the focus is on optimising brain function and then the brain healing and repairing every part of you that it coordinates. Which is all of you! Your brain coordinates every part of you, both physically and mentally/emotionally. This means the potential for chiropractic care can go far beyond just helping with neck and back issues. Research into how chiropractic helps people heal over the past 10yrs has show that it […]
June 12, 2024

Quantity and Quality of Life

You are what you repeat because your brain wires to what you repeat. This should have you looking into the thoughts and emotions you repeat, the activities (or lack there of) you repeat, the postures you repeat, the time you repeat on technology (phones, game consoles, computers and TV), the foods you eat and pharmaceuticals you repeatedly take, the make ups, lotions and sunscreens you repeatedly apply to your skin and the light environment you repeatedly subject yourself too. You may repeat something that is healthy but if repeated to often it could go from beneficial to harmful. […]

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