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March 15, 2018

Prevent or Cure

Growing up my dear old Grandmother used the phrase “A stitch in time saves nine”. It was her way of teaching that it is better to prevent an issue from arising with regular maintenance than wait until things completely broke or went into crisis before paying attention to it and having a bigger job to fix in the end. The longer I have the privilege to practice as a chiropractor, the more my Grandmothers words ring true for me. Unfortunately I often get to meet new patients in their moments of crisis. They are in pain or suffering […]
March 8, 2018

Nature Needs No Help

A saying in chiropractic circles is “Nature needs no help, just no interference.” Within this saying there is the implication that the chiropractic adjustment addresses interference to nervous system function that is preventing a persons inherent ability to be well, heal, grow, and develop as part of being a living organism. The question I see it asking us is, do we trust that our body’s innate programming is for health, healing, growth and development? Then if our health, healing, growth or development is being impeded or impaired, do we recognise that the environment we are putting ourselves in […]
February 28, 2018

Alignment, Function, Control

At what level do you understand and therefore use chiropractic for your life? Is chiropractic about removing back and neck pain? Is chiropractic about improving posture or correcting joint alignment? Is chiropractic about how well your muscles function, are some too weak or too tense? Is chiropractic about the function of your glands, organs, hormones, digestive or immune system? Is chiropractic about how well the master system of all your body, your nervous system controls and coordinates all of the above? How you view what chiropractic can help you with will determine when and why you use chiropractic. […]
February 21, 2018

Repair, Regeneration & Renewal

In Agriculture, to reap a harvest, a grain has to die. It’s natures way for growth and multiplication. As humans, it’s often our nature to try to preserve and prevent death yet expanding our mindset to grasp the only way within nature for new life to exist is for the old to die. Are you aware that this process is continually at work in your body, all of your life? It is estimated that 2.5million cells are replaced every minute. This requires the regeneration, renewal and replacement of old cells. Old cells giving way to new cells. That […]