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July 18, 2018

Has Chiropractic Changed?

Every week I have great conversations with practice members who tell me the difficulties they have explaining what it is I do and how it has worked for them, to their friends, family and work colleagues. This may have something to do with the common perception there is about chiropractic being all about backs and bones. But what if this is a mis-perception and that the reason chiropractic helps people get better from a variety of issues has little to do with bones and more to do with their brain. Recent research by Haavik showed yet again that […]
July 12, 2018

Did Stress Cause My Flu?

As winter sets in, it’s a prime time for many to struggle with a cold or the flu. This makes it all the more important to optimise your immune systems ability to defend you from the viruses that might take you and others around you down. One of the key things that suppresses your immune system is stress. Ironically a small amount of stress can boost your immune system but if stress builds to a point that overwhelms you; forcing your nervous system into the survival state of fight or flight, your brain turns off optimal immune function […]
July 5, 2018

Are You Addicted To Stress

Just like the adrenaline junkie seeking their next thrill by pushing the limits of danger for their next rush, are you bouncing from stress to stress because of its addictive nature? We now live in a society that almost prides itself on the feeling of being stressed. Setting unrealistic deadlines or expectations on ourselves and those around us. This push for productivity, achievement, building up the bottom line and getting ahead can come at a cost. Constantly living in a stressed out, fight or flight mode forces the body and mind into a survival state. The consequence of […]
June 27, 2018

Adapt or React

When you face a change in your environment, your body responds in one of two ways. It will either adapt to the change, which will lead to you thriving or it will react to the change putting you into a survival state, eventually leading to a decrease from optimal function. The major difference between the two is the long term outcome. Functioning at your peak allows you to have the ability to adapt to changes, tasks and stressors that will occur in life. When functioning below your peak, your ability to adapt is decreased leading to a survival […]