Persistence is often an admired quality of strong and successful people. This quality is also true for people who have had to overcome great health challenges.

persistenceFor some of these individuals they may have had to go against conventional thinking to achieve their breakthrough, as well as many setbacks in their restoration to health along the way.

This persistence shows the strength of their belief in their body’s ability to heal from the inside out. It also shows the importance of allowing the time healing requires and the path it may need to take, without forcing their own timeframes or expression for that healing to take.

We have been trained to judge our health by the absence of symptoms but this may not be the complete picture. Symptoms may sometimes be an expression of the body adapting, defending and righting itself from the challenges of poor lifestyle choices and stressors that you face.

Expressing great health may take great persistence. Persistence to find what works for you. Persistence in time of healing. Persistence when the path to healing has bumps in the road. And persistence when the path to healing may not follow current conventional thinking.

Show persistence in your journey towards greater health.

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