Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power

There is a saying that knowledge is power. I would hope that we use our ever expanding knowledge to empower positive change where it is required; like our health.

Knowledge is PowerI saw a statistic recently that in the 1960ā€™s chronic illness used to impact only 4% of the population but now 46% of children are impacted by chronic illness. While Iā€™m still verifying the source of these statistics, Australian government statistics do point to a rapid rise in chronic illness in the last 10 years.

This should be prompting all of us to ask the question ā€œ Is the way we are currently living contributing to this?ā€

This knowledge should empower us to re-examine our lifestyle choices and inspire us to create positive change.

How much or what type of knowledge do you need before your tipping point for change is reached?

Let this abundance of knowledge empower you not paralyse you.

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