Healing Zone

Healing Zone

Just like nature needs no help to thrive, just no interference, the body’s ability to heal also needs no help, just no interference; especially from a nervous system that is being driven into the fight or flight, stress zone too often and for too long.

Healing ZoneThe healing zone of the nervous system is known as the parasympathetic part of the autonomic nervous system and within it resides the ability to rest, digest, relax and heal plus our ability to grow, learn and develop.

Prioritising activities and time that supports your nervous system to spend more time in this healing zone and teaching yourself to be able to come out of the fight or flight, stress zone is a powerful way of supporting your optimal wellness and living out a high quality of life.

Practicing techniques like prayer, meditation, gratitude and journaling can be helpful in supporting your nervous system being in the healing zone. Different forms of relaxing exercises like stretching, Pilates, yoga and tia chi have also shown to do this also. Then it should not be forgotten that research has also shown that receiving regular chiropractic adjustments supports your nervous system in being in this healing parasympathetic zone.

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