January 31, 2024

Get back to nature

Nature needs no help, just no interference – BJ Palmer With stress being recognised as the major contributing factoring over 95% of all health issues, are you aware that your modern lifestyle is unwittingly creating most of that stress. As modern technology advances and becomes more prolific, we move further and further away from living the optimal way that our biology requires us to…to thrive. One example of this is circadian rhythm, the light/dark or day/night cycle. Our biology demands both for optimal function but our modern lives compromise this. Most people work indoors, under artificial lights during the […]
January 24, 2024
Social media catch a cold

Catch a cold

Are you aware that when stress builds up and persists medium to long term, one of the changes is that the brain down regulates and loses optimal control of the immune system function? The stress could come in the form of busy, negative mental chatter that goes on in our head, or emotional challenges that we struggle to regulate; toxins in our environment or food sources, especially processed foods and refined sugars but also physical stressors from repeated poor postures from time on modern devices, sitting at work over a computer or even lounging at home watching TV, […]
January 17, 2024

Choose to be healthly

If adaptability is a key to good health, what are the necessary elements to supporting it? One of the keys is an optimal functioning brain. So how can you support brain function so you can adapt to this ever changing life? Begin with lifestyle choices and habits that promote healthy brain function. From the movement, postures and physical exercises you do and repeat to the food you fuel yourself with to the emotions and thoughts you entertain and allow. We are what we repeat because actions have consequences, we reap what we sow. Chiropractic has long recommended a […]
January 10, 2024
The strategies to adapt to change

Fit or adaptable

Many people have heard of Darwins theory of evolution, “Survival of the fittest”. Unfortunately the modern interpretation of the word “fittest” conjures up visions of a gym strong person with low body fat percentage. Perhaps a more appropriate way to rewrite this line for todays standards might be “Survival of the most adaptable”. A person who can adapt to the ever changing environment around them, the stressors and challenges that are faced day in and day out, is the one who is truly healthy and therefore has a higher survival value. The ability to adapt relies upon the […]

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