Why choose chiropractic care with us?

The basic premise of chiropractic is that a poorly functioning nervous system can have a detrimental effect on a person’s overall health and wellbeing regardless of age.

Our chiropractic care is directed towards improving the balance of the nervous system, allowing the body to work as efficiently as possible which can lead to the resolution of a great variety of health issues.

When does health begin?

Our health begins at conception. If the building blocks that are available (from the parents) are not healthy, the foetus may start its journey through life behind the eight-ball. Care must be taken by people considering starting or adding to a family to ensure they are functioning at their optimal level of health.
Chiropractic care is effective in helping people of all ages to reach their optimal health.


The physical and chemical stresses of the birth process are a very significant factor in the health of a baby. Drugs used during pregnancy and/or at the time of birth; unnatural neck positions, the force of contractions on a tiny baby's body, together with the use of forceps, vacuum or cesarean sections can dramatically impact on a new-born's health.
All of this, together with the health of the parents during the pregnancy and the up-coming challenges of learning to walk etc. that children face are all reasons why babies to be checked by a chiropractor.


Part of growing up is learning to ride bikes, climb trees, play sports and even wrestle with siblings.
It is also a time that the body will grow and develop both physically and mentally faster than at any other time during life. Just because kids often do not complain of symptoms does not mean their bodies are functioning at their true potential.
The nervous system interference controls growth, healing, learning and development. A body free of nervous system interference will have the best possible chance to function and develop to the highest level.


Research shows that up to 40% of 15 year old children have some type of chronic condition1 and 85% of all adults will suffer back pain bad enough to keep them off work at some stage in their lives2. These are not favorable statistics.
What is it that sees so many people unhealthy?
Our lifestyle contains many stresses - spiritually, emotionally, chemically and physically. We all face these stresses, but if our body is not functioning at 100% of its potential (if there is nervous system interference), these stresses will cause our body to break down over time as it fails to adapt.
Isn't it smart to get and keep your nervous system and body working at its full potential?


Are you getting too old to worry about your health?
Are you ready for the nursing home?
NEVER! Why should the health of the elderly be viewed as something beyond hope. A healthy spine and nervous system will result in improved healing, improved immunity and greater enjoyment in life. Discover why so many people are finding that with chiropractic care they can add "years to your life and life to your years".

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2. Chapman-Smith, D. The Chiropractic Profession. NCMIC Group - 2000.

You are never too old or too young to have your nervous system balance checked.

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