Our chiropractic mission is to take each person to a greater state of health, wellness and quality of life so they can express their true potential.

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Joshua Wellness Practice provides neurologically based chiropractic care for individuals and families.
Our chiropractic mission is to take each person to a greater state of health, wellness and quality of life so they can express their true potential.
This is done through utilising modern, gentle and effective techniques, which are supported by an up to date computerised neurological and physiological assessment.

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September 10, 2019

A Piezoelectric Person

I often talk to practice members about how we as humans are electrical antennas picking up signals from the environment. We pick up things like temperature changes, chemical changes in our environment, changes to our diet, posture, physical activity, but also non native electromagnetic fields from the exponential increase in mobile phones and Wifi. Orthopaedic surgeon, researcher in the field of regenerative medicine and author Robert O Becker, put out a book called “The body electric” where he explains his journey against the medical trend of healing through chemical drugs as he investigated the electrical nature of the […]
September 4, 2019

Finding Balance & Consistency

Two of the most common things I talk to people about when it comes to improving health is the need for a balanced nervous system and consistent healthy lifestyle habits. Good balance in your “Autonomic Nervous System” which consists of two halves, the “survival” and “growth” sides are important for your ability to function at your peak. The type of lifestyle you lead has an enormous impact on your nervous system also. If you are always go, go, go and rush, rush, rush as our modern world often demands, then you may create a survival dominance within the […]
August 28, 2019

Self Talk

I have always been told that what you think about you bring about. When it comes to the many conversations you have in your own mind each day, what are you really telling yourself? Experts in this area of self talk believe that we have hundreds of conversations with ourself each day and up to 80% of these are of a negative nature. If you are constantly having a negative opinion of yourself, thinking or telling yourself that you are not worthy of happiness, relationships, wealth in its variety of forms, you have the potential to live this […]
August 21, 2019

Be First: Do Second

Looking beyond the symptoms of most health conditions and more towards the cause; it is becoming more evident that the major contributing factor is from the continual over activation of the nervous system stress response. This fight or flight survival response is only meant to activate for a short burst of 5-10minutes but our modern lifestyles of go, go, go and do, do, do appear to be keeping it activated long term, day after day, year after year. This may have come on the back of a more recent, society mindset where a persons value is measured by […]

"As a child grows and develops both mentally and physically, it is vital that their nervous system is working free of interference."

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