Your Most Valuable Asset


I have always believed that my health is one of my most valuable assets. Due to this I choose certain lifestyle habits to help maintain it.

health-wellnessFor many people though, their health is something that they take for granted and why not?  It has always been there for them in the past, so why wouldn’t it be there for them in the future?

This belief I think also fosters their certain lifestyle choices that may be harmful to their health. It can also promote an attitude that getting is is just bad luck or that they are the victim of their genetics or family history.

In this modern time, we put more weight in science to tell us what lifestyle choices are good or bad for us over the wisdom learnt through time. Currently I see that this has lead us to abdicate our personal responsibility for our own health. We have given it over to doctors, scientists, insurance companies and governments. Yet to me no other person or third party can heal you as the power to heal resides within every living individual.

This includes chiropractic, it only has the ability to provide the optimal neurological environment for your body to heal itself. In other words, it’s an inside job, the power to heal exists within every living person. It’s when this is interfered with that health is suppressed and symptoms, illnesses or even diseases develop.

This is why an early chiropractor stated “Nature needs no help; just no interference”. The ability to heal is programmed into your DNA, even science tells us that, it’s often our lifestyle choices that prevent it from being expressed.

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