Your Electric Body


We now live in a blue light, microwave world of artificial EMF but have not stopped to consider what impact this is having on our body’s. Your brain and nervous system are designed to pick up signals from the environment around you and adapt or respond according to these signals.

images-141This is more than just chemical signals from the foods you eat, supplements you swallow or medications you take to manipulate your physiology or mask your pain or symptoms. You are more than a combination of chemicals. You are also an EMF antenna.

The dramatic increase over the last 10yrs in artificial EMF from higher blue light frequencies in modern screens and lights to WiFi, mobile phones and other devices is now forcing your nervous system into the survival state of fight or flight, impacting every aspect of your health; physically, mentally and emotionally.

As these changes have been in the area of technology, most people have not correlated whether they were safe for our physiology and have contributed to the rise in chronic health issues we now see.

Current evidence points towards our modern blue lit, microwave world, forcing our nervous systems into a survival dominant state and due to this we need to begin to seek safer technology.

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