Your Choices = Your Health


In some reading this week I came across this statement….your health is a matter of your choices, one of those choices should be chiropractic.

images-10My question to you is, do you see chiropractic as part of your healthy lifestyle choices? Or do you see it as a treatment for when you are in pain or have a problem that is not resolving itself after trying everything else?

Often how we use a treatment exposes the perspective we have of it and perhaps the knowledge we have built up on it over our experiences. If you think that chiropractic is just about bones out of place then I would guess you might only use it when you are in pain.

I was introduced to chiropractic as part of a healthy lifestyle from a very young age. It was to allow me to express optimal function and live the highest quality of life possible. Since then I have chosen to dedicate my life to this mode of health care, supporting people to live out optimal expression of life using chiropractic as part of their lifestyle choices.

Taking ownership of ones own health and lifestyle choices to promote that health from my perspective, is every empowering. Comparing this with our current model of health care that pushes your frailty, that you are a victim to your genes and circumstances in life.

By asking ownership of your health, then it will be a matter of your choices and chiropractic could be one of those choices, it’s up to you.

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