You Are What You Repeat


There is a saying that you are what you eat, which is true but you are also what you repeat.

Habits2What you do repeatedly will dictate the health outcomes you experience. Do you eat healthy food regularly? Is exercise and activity part of your daily routine? Do you get some sun each day? Do you prioritise getting a consistent 8 hours of sleep? What about spending some quiet and still time relaxing or have you submitted this to the modern distraction of artificial light from devices after dark?

Your daily routine reflect and become your lifestyle choices, whether conscious or subconscious, and your health will become a reflection of those choices. These choices will either support of inhibit optimal quality of life.

If you have had to change your routine through COVID-19, you could ask yourself whether it has had a positive or negative effect on your health. What could you learn from your previous routine verse this current routine?

This pandemic could be used to re-evaluate your routine and lifestyle choices, make a few simple shifts and enjoy greater health and vitality. If you truly are what you repeat, create lifestyle choices that promote optimal quality of life for now and your future.

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