You Are What and When You Eat


It is often said that you are what you eat. The nutrition you consume goes on to become the fuel that not only runs your body but also builds your body.

Prioritising foods that are whheart-healthy-food-1580231690ole, seasonal, fresh and pure can go a long way to creating a better quality of life. Yet choosing to consume highly processed, high calorie but low nutrient dense foods can longterm impact a persons mental and physical health outcomes.

Beyond just the quality of food a person consumes, quantity is important too. Over consumption combined with low activity will lead to the excess being stored as fat.

A third important factor is the timing of the consumption of food. Science suggests eating only within a 9-10hr window each day, plus at regular times. Just like all tissues within the body, the digestive system requires time where it is not busy working to breakdown the food consumed so it can have time to do the maintenance and repairs required. Eating beyond a 13hr window has been shown to contribute to health issues just like over eating or poor food quality choices.

As you strive to keep healthy routines during lockdown with sleep and activity, don’t forget the importance of the routine around meals, meal times and the quality of the food in those meals.

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