You are Solar Charged


According to Dr Jack Kruse, Neurosurgeon, getting 20-30minutes of sunlight just after sunrise is one of the healthiest habits we can create. Sunlight at this time of day is very low in UV and therefore not a risk of sunburn but it is also rich in the full colour spectrum and becomes a catalyst for many processes within the body.

images-125The sun at that time of day has a powering up impact on the engine part of the body, the mitochondria, which produces our energy. This role is known as cellular respiration where we take sugars within the body (from foods we eat), combine them with oxygen we breath in and then with the energy from the sun make ATP (the energy form our body can use) plus water (to hydrate our cells) and carbon dioxide, which we breath out.

This energy that the mitochondria make is used to run your body, heal and repair your tissues, make your hormones, run your metabolism. This influences the quality of your sleep and circadian rhythms and whether you become hydrated or inflamed.

Most of us are concerned with the fuel we put in our body but don’t realise that we can tune the engine, these mitochondria, that run our body. So as we get into 2019, could you introduce the simple and free habit of getting 30minutes of early morning sunlight to better tune the engine of the body to improve your health?

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