Worrying Yourself Sick

Exam Stress

As the HSC trials are about to get under way and many year12 students feel the pressure, I am reminded of how important it is to live out healthy habits which help a person cope with stress.

Exam StressWhen a person is under stress, the feelings of fear and anxiety rise. The short term memory, ability to concentrate and learn new material is impaired.

So whether you are preparing for exams at school or completing a big project at work, letting stress overwhelm you has the potential to prevent you from performing at your best in the areas of thinking, reasoning and recalling information.

Learning good healthy habits and strategies that either reduce or prevent stress building up to overload become critically important. Things like a walk in nature, prayer, meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, watching the sunrise, getting more sunshine, good nutrition, good sleep, a chat with a close friend who has your back; or getting a chiropractic adjustment followed by a BrainTap session to help balance the stress response of fight or flight within the nervous system,

By learning and implementing healthy habits around stress is potentially the best way to not worry yourself sick.

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