World Spine Day

WSD pic

October 16th is world spine day and as you could imagine the majority of the chiropractic profession is very excited and rightly so because chiropractors work with the spineā€¦..right?

WSD picFor more than a decade now I have advocated a neurologically base chiropractic approach promoting brain based wellness. So why did I move beyond the more traditional stance on chiropractic?

Firstly nothing happens in the body in isolation. True health requires all parts functioning harmoniously 100% of the time and each part has a distinct role to play. The role of the spine and bones are to provide structure, protection and to form joints to allow for movement. Essentially they are passive structures and require the actions of muscles for that movement to occur. And yet these muscles, like other active structures in the body, glands and organs, need information carried by nerves from the control unit of the body, the brain, to express their function.

The alignment of the spine occurs through optimal brain function communicating via nerves to muscles. The chiropractic adjustment can influence and optimise brain function through the stimulus of the nerve rich joints of the spine.

The bigger picture of how chiropractic helps is via brain function and should not be confused with the mechanism used to achieve this which is what many think it to be and are promoting though world spine day.

I believe in and support using chiropractic as part of lifestyle habits to achieve a better quality of life due to the positive impact it has on brain function, the master control unit of the whole body.

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