World Mental Health Day


Wednesday 10th October was world mental health day. Statistically in Australia 1 in 5 people will suffer with mental illness this year and 6 commit suicide each day with a further 30 attempting suicide.

WMHDI personally find this very alarming and saddens me deeply. As I filter this through my neurologically based chiropractic perspective of brain based wellness it highlights the dangerous impact of unrelenting and unresolved stress and the impact it may have on these devastating issues.

For the last 12 years I have been measuring my patients nervous systems response to stress, as stress is considered the primary contributing factor in up to 90% of all illness. Most people are totally unaware or don’t recognize when their body is in a stress response. This is why stress often goes unresolved and builds up until something ‘breaks’.

The reason unresolved and unrelenting stress is such a powerful contributing factor in affecting someones health is that it is designed as a short term survival strategy in emergency situations.  The body’s response is to shut down non-essential functions like growth, healing, immune and the digestion system. It also floods the body in stress hormones that when prolonged break down tissues and alter the brains ability to think clearly and function optimally. 

Being under regular and ongoing chiropractic care is one way to support optimal nervous system balance and reduce the long term impact of stress while also allowing you to adapt to the stressors within life better.

As always prevention is better than cure but if stress is impacting your wellbeing physically or mentally, consider our chiropractic stress response evaluation to know where you are at and options for restoring your quality of life.

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