Within Challenge lays Change

challenge 2

Each day in practice I hear the stories and see the challenges people face. Often the challenge can hold the motivating factor for the required change; if you only stop long enough to realise it.

challenge 2Many of the health challenges people face are a result of the lifestyle habits they repeat. This may be unconscious habits as much as conscious ones. These unconscious habits may include just going with the flow to modern life. Getting swept up into its ultra fast pace or keeping up with the Jones’s mindset.

We often hear people joke about first world problems but the inability to prioritise rest, relaxation and other forms of regular downtime within your day, week or year is creating the first world problem of stress and survival dominance. A state of constant hyper-vigilance, alertness and fight or flight.

This imbalance is now being recognised as a major contributing factor in the rise of chronic health issues, autoimmune issues and even mental health issues. Within these challenges lays the change to overcome. The change of prioritising rest and relaxation. Prioritising downtime as part of a healthy lifestyle. Slowing down regularly and long enough to smell the roses which may just be the change that breaks the challenge.

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