Winter Blues


It has begun to be recognised that as winter descends upon us that there is an increase in depression and some other mental health issues.

Unknown-98This is attributed to our need as humans for sunlight. The less sunlight that occurs over winter and our tendency to spend more time indoors out of the cold causes a decrease in the amount of serotonin (happy hormone) within the brain. 

Artificial lights and the light from electronic devices does not have the same benefit as sunlight in helping us keep a happy mood or being afflicted by this season mood disorder. In fact some research points towards artificial light harming our brain and moods.

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to remedy this is to spend more time outside when the sun is up and out, despite the cold, just let it shine on your face at least for a few minutes.

This could be as simple as stepping out doors into the backyard for a few minutes, getting back to nature on the weekend, taking a walk through the park at lunch time. For most of us, due to the colder weather we can bunker down inside where it is warn and binge on Netfllix under artificial lights.

The solution to your winter blues may be only a few steps away out your door and into the sun.

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