Why Neurologically Based Chiropractic


I emphasise the importance of the nervous system in the healing process for chiropractic to work regularly. I go as far as to say that the nervous system holds the key to the body’s incredible potential to heal itself.

Why? Because it is connected to every part of you. It is sending and receiving information from your 5 senses, interpreting them and sending out a response to the muscles, organs, glands and all the functions of the body.

The 5 senses are touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing. They are sending trillions of messages each second via the nervous system to the brain.

The messenger cells of the nervous system are called neurone and can vary in size from microscopic to a meter long. The electrical signals carrying the messages are nerve impulses. These neurons are not one long strand from body to brain but have joins call synapses that require chemical called neurotransmitters to keep the nerve impulses moving. These neurons travel in both directions, from body up to brain and from brain down to the body and are grouped into bundles that are called nerves. 

human-nervous-system-sympathetic-parasympathetic-nerves-anatomy-functions-spinal-cord-controls-body-internal-human-nervous-214773356These neurons have 3 types:

Sensory; which send information from inside and outside the body to the brain

Motor; Passes the brains instructions to the body; ie muscles and glands

Association: connects the sensory and motor neurons

For a signal to be sent the neuron must be excited by a stimuli like sound, taste smell, light or pressure.

The chiropractic adjustment is most often a pressure stimuli in a spinal joint that excites the neuron. The signal is then sent to the brain, interpreted and a response sent back out to the body, whether it be muscles, local or distant and or glands/organs or other functions.

This is some of the reasons why I talk of chiropractic being Neurologically based. We all interpret the world through our nervous system. If the nervous system is allowed to work without interference and we choose healthy lifestyle habits, we thrive but if we try to short cut nature and choose lifestyle habits that put the body continually under stress, health will abandon us.

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