Who is Your Healer?


When we get sick, ill or battle symptoms it is our natural tendency to seek out a healer. By default we begin to think that someone needs to add something or take something away from the outside to make this happen.

6513264This quote from BJ Palmer, the developer of Chiropractic might get you thinking a little differently about who the true healer is and where you should be looking to get the results you are after.

“Healing is a process afforded you by your Creater and is above and beyond the control of man. Your Chiropractor does everything possible to help Innate heal-but he cannot heal nor can anyone else produce healing for you. When the right adjustment is made, Innate goes to work. You feel the results when dis-ease turns to ease.”

Did you realise that everything you need to be healthy is within you and either your environmental circumstances or choices have lead you beyond how the body is designed to function. Realigning lifestyle choices to this design and optimising nervous system function with chiropractic adjustments empowers your natural healing function to be restored.

 Within you lives the amazing healer, provided you regularly put yourself in the right environment for Innate to flow.

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