Who Heals


When symptoms arise in your body, what do you do? Do you run off to numb the symptoms with medication and just hope for the best or do you remove the cause and let your innate ability to heal go to work?

images-171For a person to do the latter, there must be an understanding that the body was created with this inborn ability to heal when damaged and maintain function when all is working well.

Chiropractic for nearly 130yrs now has set out to remove the cause…interference to nerve impulse. Thus allowing 100% communication from brain to body and body to brain. This optimises a persons ability to maintain function and heal when and where necessary.

Yes symptoms can hurt but they are an important feedback system to let you know that your lifestyle choices may be taking your body beyond its limits of adaptation and its innate ability to maintain optimal function.

For me, I trust that healing is an inside job. Not inside a bottle of medication but inside my DNA. For I am more than a chemical cocktail that a scientist can manipulate with a pill.

Who heals? It is the amazing Dr You  

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