Want a New Body

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I often hear people say that they want a new body. Are you aware that you are renewing the cells of your body every minute of every day.

Life siloetteIt is estimated that you turn over 98% of the approximately 50 trillion cells that make up your body annually. From your muscles and organs to glands and tissues, every part of your body, every year is being renewed. 

Cellular turnover is a natural thing programmed into your DNA within the body and the daughter cells are a reflection of the health of the current parent cells. 

Remember that you are what you repeat so your lifestyle choices matter. Firstly they impact the health of your current cells and then also the health of the next generations of cells.

So if you want a new body, nurture the one you have with regular adjustments to provide an optimal nervous system environment for healthy replication of cells and create healthy lifestyle habits physically, chemically and emotionally that promote good cell function.

Life is more than how long you may live, it is also about the life in the years you have. The lifestyle habits you live out have the potential to add both years to your life and life to your years.

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