Use It or Lose It

There is an old saying of “Use it or Lose it” which is very true of both our body and brain.

neurogenisis-e8ffb2e4-0bf1-4c78-bcf2-6e438523321eOne of the simplest and best ways to keep yourself mentally and physically healthy is to learn new things. This can be in the way of information, skills or both.

Continually challenging yourself to grow your knowledge and skill base triggers your brain to make and strengthen new connections, a process called neurogenesis.

Whether you learn through reading, listening to podcasts, watching a TED talk, enrolling in a Tafe course, tinkering in your shed or exploring a new culture and language, the key thing is to give it a go.

Firstly you might get a great deal of enjoyment from developing the new skill or knowledge and secondly you are supporting your brain and body’s development towards optimal function both now and your days to come.

Ageing is a natural process but if you continue to “use it” through learning new things, you may help yourself not to “lose it” as the year pass.

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