Toxicity and Deficiency


The body is designed to not like too much or too little but thrive in the middle.

Too much of something creates toxicity for the body to deal with, while too little becomes a deficiency and creates a different stress within the body.

ChocolateWe have been designed with high tolerance zones and low tolerance zones and out side of them the body may fail to adapt, breakdown and express a loss of optimal function.

This could occur with movement, activity and exercise. Too little and we have a deficiency of movement that helps promote health android function, but too much creates toxicity without the necessary time for repairs, maintenance and recovery.

The same could be said for food. Too little creates a nutrient and calorie deficiency while too much leads to nutrient and  calorie toxicity.

Even functions like heart rate, breathing rate, blood pressure, sugar levels have high and low zone tolerances for health and good function.

Life is best lived in balance, respecting how we have been designed. Creating lifestyle habits that promote good function allow us to thrive.

So there truly can be too much of a good thing!

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