Toxic Limits of EMF


The amount of radiation that penetrates your body today verses 10yrs ago is not double or triple but over a million times. Which is why our kids are being called generation zapped and the alarm bells are beginning to be rung just as we are about to move from 4G to 5G wireless mobile networks.

5GWhen you look at the accumulative amount of artificial EMF (electromagnetic fields) being created for and from our modern wireless tech world, this massive increase makes sense. Now there are concerns being raised as to what impact this amount of EMF might be having on long term health outcomes and the rise in chronic health conditions and mental health issues. In research, terms like digital dementia are now being used to describe the impact of this growing load of artificial EMF.

The dangers of EMF have been recognised for some time now with the World Health Organisation listing radio frequency radiation as a class 2B carcinogen in 2011, the same classification given to toxic metals like lead and the banned pesticide DDT.

The concern for our health comes because your body has a resonate frequency of its own for health and the amount of artificial EMF we are now exposed to is going beyond what you are able to adapt too. It is also thought that your body and especially your brain acts like an antenna for these EMF signals and because of this we are absorbing them and forcing our body’s to try and adapt to them.

Part of the solution may be limiting time on wireless devices within your daily & weekly routines not having phones and Wifi in bedrooms at night. We are now seeing people prioritise taking family holidays without devices and in wireless free zones.

More research is definitely required in the space but what we currently know points towards individual toxic limits to EMF and awareness is said to be the first step to the solution.

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