Too much of a good thing !


All the rain over the last week has reminded me that an excess of an essential element can cause problems. So too much of a good thing can quickly become a bad thing.

I think we all know that for good health and well-being we need activity and exercise. That we all need to eat regularly and get 8 hours of sleep each night. But what happens when we get the balance wrong? These things that are good for our health and well-being can quickly turn into the stressors that impact detract from our health.

The body requires sufficiency of movement, food, rest, relationships, sleep etc. This means that all these essential things for good health can be in excess or deficiency, either state can have a negative impact. 

heavy-rain-in-parking-lotExcess or deficiency impacts the autonomic nervous system, triggering it to be in the survival fight or flight state too often and not allow it to be in the healing and growth state of rest and digest.

As with most things in nature, your body requires balance. A balance of activity or exercise with rest for recovery. A balance of eating and abstaining from eating to allow time for digestion. A balance of a days work and 8 hrs of sleep at night. 

In our modern world of do, do, do sometimes we can get the balance wrong where the “too much of a good thing” becomes the bad thing that impacts our quality of life.

Avoiding excess and deficiency and seeking sufficiency and balance will allow your health to thrive.

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