Time , efficieny and effectiveness


Even in this era of efficiency and effectiveness, that has allowed for greater availability for leisure, health is one thing that still requires your time.

The biology and neurology of the body has not changed despite all our modern technological advances, the basic requirements for health have remain the same.

We all still need to breathe clean air 6-12 times each minute. Eat clean fresh food and drink clean water on a daily basis. Your brain and nervous system still require times of stimulation and times of rest.

Get the balance wrong in any or all of these areas for long enough and the brain and body will express the signs of this challenge in the way of symptoms, illness or disease.

Creating balance within your day, week, and season takes time, knowledge and effort. Creating healthy habits and routines that promote optimal brain function so the cells of the body activate and rest at the appropriate time of day still requires your continuing attention.

imagesIf any of us forgo this, eventually our quality of life will suffer and symptoms, illness and chronic diseases surface. 
This crisis may get your attention short term as you seek care to over come it but to express true longevity in health and wellness requires consistency of effort and action over time.

Being smart with the time you input into your health will allow you to be more effective and efficient with the other areas of life you wish to devote time too. I have heard it said that your health impacts everything you do and want to achieve.

There is no time like the present to dedicate the time and actions required to build a robust and resilient quality of life.

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