Thrive Over Survive

Thrive over Survive

Have you ever asked yourself the question what lifestyle choices you could be making to help you thrive over the choices you make that just allow you to survive?

Thrive over SurviveFor many people in this modern fast paced world of multiple and overwhelming stressors just making it to the end of another work day is an achievement in itself. Is the goal just too survive to see another day or is there something more to the quality of life we could be pursuing?

The good news is that if you are interested in living a greater quality of life, you only have to look to the lifestyle choices that you are able to impact and make changes in these areas. The learning to let go of the areas of life and society you have no control over.

There are many choices you can have an impact over everyday. From the food you choose to eat, to the amount and type of exercise you choose to do. You have the choice to meditate and pray. You have a choice in what you believe and how you choose to respond to the people in your life and to the happenings in this world.

You do truly have great personal power over yourself and the way you interact with your world and scientifically we know that to thrive you need balance within the two haves of your autonomic (think automatic) nervous system. One half promotes things like rest, digestion, growth, repair, learning and development. The other half is there to protect you from potential dangers and harm, your fight or flight response.

If your autonomic nervous system is constantly being over-stimulated through the busyness of modern life you will be constantly triggering the stress response of fight or flight and this is now considering the major factor in over 90% of all chronic illnesses.

You may need to look at the lifestyle choices you make each day and assess if they are promoting your survival response or promoting your ability to thrive.

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