Think and get well


Think and get well. Could it really be that simple?

It has been said “What you think about you bring about”. So can this be applied to health and healing?

In neuroscience there is a term call neuroplasticity. The brains ability to rewire itself. One of the stimulus for this to occur is what you repeatedly think about.


If you continually think about a negative outcome your brain will wire a pathway to support it. One that causes the quicker release of stress hormones that eventually breakdown the body and mind.

Yet the reverse is true. By repeatedly thinking on a positive possibility you will wire pathways in the brain for them to occur.

What you think about has a real and tangible impact on wiring pathways in the brain and the triggering and release of neurochemicals and hormones that promote and support function, growth, healing and DNA expression.

So via neuroplasticity you do possess the ability to think and get well, but are you prepared to firstly change the way you think for this to occur and secondly repeat it often and long enough to express the benefits?

It is up to you to think and get 

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