The Truth About Chiropractic


 As chiropractic is health care profession, it must treat symptoms and conditions…..right? This is what you have been educated to believe at least.

41ywAu2ZOQL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_What if the truth about chiropractic is that it does not treat symptoms or conditions? That chiropractic is not trying to remove your back pain, relieve your headache, align your spine or cure you of a disease. 

If it doesn’t treat symptoms or conditions then what does it do and why do they advocate that every person on the planet should see them regularly?

The aim, goal or purpose of chiropractic is to restore, if lost or maintain/optimise if working, your brains ability to communicate the life force that animates the body. This allows the body to best adapt to the external and internal forces or stressors, whether physical, chemical, electromagnetic or mental/emotional in nature, that it faces every day.

Chiropractic seeks to remove interference to the nervous systems ability to communicate the mental impulse that flows over it. These mental impulses generated by the brain bring instructions to all the cells, tissues, glands, organs and muscles of the body. Interference to these mental impulses therefore may ultimately lead to disruption in ideal function or response of the cells, tissues, glands, organs, muscles or even thoughts of that person.

A person receiving regular ongoing chiropractic adjustments allows their mental impulse to flow over the nervous system better, leading to optimised communication between brain and body. This in turn may allow a person to heal better, resulting in the improvement from symptoms but chiropractic did not heal that symptom. The body’s own natural recuperative capabilities did. As the saying by BJ Palmer goes, “the power that made the body, heals the body”. 

You face stressors and challenges each and every day and your body is constantly renewing and repairing the 10’s of trillions of cells that make it up. Due to this, chiropractors have long recommended regular ongoing care for optimising your ability to adapt and perform at your peak, through a properly function brain and nervous system as this is one essential element for maximising health and quality of life.

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