The Power of Small Change


Your health is a reflection of the habits and lifestyle choices you make each day. Many people wish for better health but fail to achieve it as they don’t change the habits required to make it happen.

small--e1446997623908Just by changing one small single thing within your lifestyle and persisting with it day after day until it becomes second nature is where the power of change lies.

The amazing part is you get to choose where you start. I recommend starting with something small that you know you can succeed with and sustain. It could be replacing one of your soft drinks or coffees with a water each day. Going to bed 30min earlier each night, wearing red lense glasses while using  or viewing digital screens and devices. It could be a choice to do 10 squats each morning  or laying on the posture pole before you for work each day.

The choice is totally yours but whatever it is commit to it, repeat it and don’t stop, make it apart of your healthy lifestyle habits. Then add in another small change and do the same.

A small change may not seem big enough to lift you out of a health crisis but its power lies within your choice to repeat it long enough that it comes part of your lifestyle.

Better health may only be a few small changes away.

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