The Power of Hope


Stress can become very overwhelming but one thing that helps people get through tough situations or times, is hope. Hope that things will change, get better or that the tough time will end.

Unknown-116Hope may look different for each person. I have found in health care, hope for one person could be knowing what is wrong with them or knowing that someone cares about what they are going through.  Some people want to know the research behind their treatment while others only want to know that I ,their practitioner know the research. Still others, their hope comes from knowing that as a practitioner I have helped someone else in their situation before.

The form hope comes in is less important than the hope itself. The key is having hope for that is where its power lies, in its existence.  

So in what ways can you create hope if it is lost or keep hope from disappearing? Gratitude. Practicing gratitude daily can be a simple but effective way of keeping the power of hope alive within you. Not just in a time of crisis but also to help prevent a crisis from occurring.

Each day name three things you can be grateful for to boost the power of hope in your life.


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