The Enemy Within


For the first time, the risk to your health is greater from the enemy within than from the enemy without.

images-149The enemy within is stress and the dysregulation and subsequent inflammation it causes. The enemy without is germs, viruses and environmental toxins.

This change reflects the rapid rise of chronic illnesses and conditions overtaking acute infectious conditions as the major challenges to our health.

Stress is now considered the primary contributing factor in over 90% of all illness. The fast paced, low downtime lives we currently live has potentially a big factor in this.

Stress beyond an individuals capacity to cope drives the nervous system into the fight or flight response. When this is triggered to often and for too long it leads to dysregulation of one or multiples of other systems within the body and inflammation runs unchecked.

The focus of every chiropractic adjustment is to bring balance to the nervous system. In many cases this is calming an over-aroused stress response, the enemy within.

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