The Chiropractic Lifestyle


The chiropractic lifestyle comes from a chiropractic mindset that believes the power that made the body heals the body. This is a belief that recognises you were designed with health and healing as your natural default. That healing from the inside out, occurs automatically when you put yourself in the environment you were designed to live in. 

images-123This environment is more than just what is outside you but also inside you. Both these environments need to be attended to regularly and this is the chiropractic lifestyle. This is why as a chiropractor I choose for myself and my family to have weekly chiropractic checks to promote the optimisation of nervous system function. 

This understanding that the nervous system controls and coordinates all systems and function of a person is placed as the highest chiropractic priority and a very powerful way to maximise healing and influence the expression of good health and quality of life. It’s a big part of healing from the inside out.

Chiropractic is often seen as alternative to medicine due to its drug free approach to health and healing. The non use of medications is not what makes it alternative, it’s the belief in your body’s innate potential to heal from the inside out that sets it apart, and which drives the lifestyle choices of many of its chiropractors and their patients. 

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