The 5 Minute Rule

Holding Anger

I have been told that all emotions are valid and have a place in the right context. This includes negative emotions like anger, sadness and bitterness. Now it is also true that different emotion produce different chemicals within the body and positive emotions like love, happiness and gratitude produce chemicals that promote good health, negative emotions produce chemicals within the body that long term cause it harm.

Holding AngerThis is where the 5 minute rule can come into effect. If something bad, unsetting, wrong or just plain unfair happens to you, allow yourself 5 minutes to feel wronged, upset, grumpy, bitter or just angry about it but after that 5 minutes, it is time to let it go. As that emotion is only going to end up harming you if you don’t move beyond it.

For some people, in some situations this may mean faking gratitude and happiness until it becomes genuine but for many people once they learn that holding onto the bitterness, anger or grudge does not get back at the other person who may have done you wrong, or solve the issue that made you feel this way and that holding onto the negativity only ends up harming themselves long term. 

If this thought process is coupled with the belief that all things can be used for ones personal growth in life, they will then seek out the lesson to be learned or the silver lining that may follow the hurt or pain of the event or situation.

So can you love yourself enough to give yourself permission to use the 5 minute rule? Feel aggrieved, upset and angry when the time is right but then choose to let it go and move on after 5 minutes for the benefit of your ongoing and long term health and happiness.

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