Taking Action


Most people actually know what is required to support good health, the true challenge is implementing it consistently day after day so you can experience the benefits.

iu-5From a dietary point of view most people know that if they cut out processed foods, junk foods and sugary foods their health would improve. The reality is for some people it is hard to do so their challenge is doing it long enough to see the benefits.

From an exercise point of view most people know that they need to get a certain amount of activity each day or throughout their week. People know they need to move more, the challenge is that exercise is hard so it is easy to drop it off your schedule. The flip side of this is for some people where they over exercise and don’t allow enough time for their body to recover and actually exercise themselves into injuries. These people find it hard to rest long enough to allow their body to recovery.

I think that for most people to improve their health it is not a lack of knowledge or understanding of what they need to do to be healthy but a lack of taking action on what they already know.

Being able to implement the knowledge you already have consistently will start to produce results and you can refine and improve it as you go. Health, like life is not a passive process, it is one that is an accumulation of the actions and choices we make each and every day. By taking action on implementing healthy choices will result in healthier outcomes. The key is being consistent in taking these actions.

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