Symptoms: Friend or Foe


Do we now have more faith in a spoonful of medicine than the body’s natural ability to heal, repair and maintain optimal function?

iu-7As medical imaging, technology and pharmaceutical therapies advance, has this eroded faith, trust and confidence in the bodies ability to adapt to the lifestyle choices and environments it is put into?

This may be in part due to the modern view point that all symptoms are bad and need to be numbed, stopped and eradicated by any and all means as quick as possible. But is this view point the complete truth or is there an important role that pain and symptoms play within expressing an optimal quality of life.

A simple example of this could be without pain receptors we could lean on something hot, like a stove top and not know we are burning ourselves. Without this pain feedback system the outcomes could be far more devastating.

Symptoms could be viewed as warning signals that the body is being put in environments often via lifestyle choices that is pushing it beyond its natural ability to adapt. If this is the case then it is counter intuitive to use painkiller or other symptom masking medications to suppress or eradicate the symptoms.

The body as with all biological life thrive when put in the right environment. Perhaps symptoms are signals the lifestyle choices need a review?

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