Surviving the Silly Season


In the lead up to Christmas, some people can find that things get busier, even hectic, adding to the day to day stressors of life. So how can you go about surviving the silly season?

Silly-Season-Survival-Stash-Graphic-Square-landscapeReceiving a regular chiropractic adjustment to support nervous system function, which helps the body come out of the fight or flight stress response, is one important way. To go beyond the benefits of the adjustment, combine it with a BrainTap session.

The Brain Tap is a modern day guided meditation tool using the added knowledge of music, sounds and light to calm a busy brain and optimise the body’s natural healing capabilities.

So surviving the silly season this year could be as simple as coupling your regular chiropractic adjustment with a BrainTap session.

Book yours this December and cruise through Christmas.

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